Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Bloody Day in the Cove

With the bits I can piece together from Taiji today, over 50 dolphins were driven into the cove, nine babies were taken to the whale museum, and the rest were slaughtered. The “fishermen” work fast. I try to find the head space these men are in. I have to assume that they don’t know about the complex family structures or high levels of mercury or hear the screams. I’ll be at the cove in two weeks, I’ll get to see the men that do this and look them in the eye.

There’s a big gap between those that think these beings are as intelligent as humans and deserve to swim free in the ocean with their families and those that see them as food, entertainment and competition for fish. We need to narrow the gap.

Here’s a video from Big Gunns today, it's lunchtime on the gutting barge

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