Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Wonderful

I love the reports from Taiji that announce the boats returning to port without dolphins. It means a day without families being slaughtered. The reality though is that it’s just a day. The Japanese are determined to kill whales and dolphins. They have over fished the Blue Tuna to near extinction. It really boggles my mind that Japan, an island nation, wouldn’t take better care of the waters and life that surround them. Japan should be a leader in ocean health. They could stop their over fishing and whaling practices and then get in the world’s face about cleaning up their act. Instead, it seems we are in a race to use the last of everything.

12 days


  1. Your blog is so cool, Mike! Thanks for enlightening me to such worthy causes! Greg

  2. Thank you,Greg. There's so much that needs our attention. This is the one that won't let me go right know.