Monday, November 22, 2010

Nine Baby Dolphins

One of Steven Severson’s goals on his trip to Taiji was to find out what happened to the nine baby dolphins that were captured and taken to the Whale Museum. I believe the short answer, roughly translated, was, “what dolphins?”

The great news is that for four straight days, no dolphins have been driven into the cove. Yesterday, the boats didn’t even go out. This allowed the guardians free time to see the Whale Museum and try to find out the fate of the little ones. The following blogs paint a pretty grim picture of the place.

Steven Severson writes about Disappearing Dolphins. You can also follow Steven on Facebook

Here 10 year old William shares the tears his mom sheds seeing the dolphins in small tanks.

Elora West drove the the guardians to the museum but stayed in the car. I completely understand and support Elora's reasons. At the same time, I’m thankful to the ones that did go in because now I don’t feel a need to see it. They did a fine job documenting the carnage and pain in that place. Elora is on Facebook too.

Scott West writes on ecology and adds a call to action. Please help if you can.

It’s my turn a week from Thursday.


  1. hi Mike,

    wow, a week from thursday..great job! My husband and I will take our turn in March for 3 weeks. I will follow your blog, and a team, we will be able to shut down this madness.
    Meagan and Ben

  2. Good for you guys! I just read your blog and am so impressed that you are taking your honeymoon in Taiji. Wow! I'll add you to my Blogger list so I can keep up with your journey.