Friday, November 26, 2010

A Hard Act to Follow

Have you been following the story of Carrie and William? This diminutive single mom and her 10 year old son from Dallas changed their vacation plans after seeing The Cove. Their heartfelt blog lays out their journey and is worth a read. The day before they were to leave, as the dolphins were being driven into the cove, Carrie jumped into the water and swam toward the nets. This caused just a bit of a stir, a skiff was driven at her. The man in the boat held up a sign. Police came. She returned to the shore on her own and was given a waning. Scott West’s blog shows a strong police contingent at the cove the next day. As he says, “They were taking no chances today with Carrie on the loose.” This makes me smile. He goes on to say, “One has to wonder if this is a good use of Japanese taxpayer’s money for it seems the money would be better spent providing job re-training for the molesters.”

My wife is convinced that if a man were to jump in the water that the police would cart him off. I really don’t have time for jail right now so, I won’t find out if she’s right or not. I’m looking forward to being there and being a voice for the dolphins. As this video says, you should too.

Save Japan Dolphins from Mark Berry on Vimeo.

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