Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do I Really Want to be a Cove Guardian?

I read the blogs from those at the cove and I wonder, what the hell am I doing? Some of these folks have been witnessing the slaughter for months and it appears to be taking its toll on them. How will I do? I’m not an activist. I’m just a small businessman drawn to this by some unknown force. Here’s what the bloggers are saying today:

A Teenage Activist

“How does one start a blog… when they are so disgusted with humanity that they can’t even think straight? I have a lump in my stomach and I can’t get rid of it… I want to break down and cry, but I can’t…. I am so disgusted with being human… I have lost all faith I ever had in humanity. It’s something I cannot explain, us Cove Guardians can’t even explain it to each other. This feeling. But we all feel it, and we all know how it feels.”

Big Gunns missions

“A message to all you tough guys out there that could care less. It doesn't make you tough to be able to stand there and watch this without feeling something. What it makes you is heartless and I feel sorry for you.”

Photographic Activism

“Just when we think watching a dolphin slaughter can't possibly get any worse, it does. Today was probably my worst day yet in Japan. A horrible day to usher me out of the country.”

Memoirs of a Cove Guardian

“Words cannot describe the thoughts racing through my mind today...The atrocities witnessed on this day are causing my blood to boil. If any trace of respect for these disgusting men remaind in me, it has now been removed. For those of you who believe that I should try to understand and work with these murderers, you really do not have a concept of the deranged actions that these killers are capable of.”

Maybe when you have to do something, wanting to or not has to take a back seat. If I don’t do it, who will?

Please make phone calls, send emails and faxes, and let them know that you want this to end.

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