Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waiting to Hear

Right around lunchtime the reports from Taiji start to come in on whether or not the boats are going out. These past weeks my walks to lunch have been a little less happy knowing that the boats are out or from reading reports from the slaughter of the day before. The reality of the situation starts to take it's toll on you.

It was 17 degrees this morning. It rarely gets this cold in the Seattle area especially not this early in the season. Our attention went to the birds in the yard this morning. Do they have food and water. It's important during these harsh conditions that we make sure they get what they need.

So, while we are waiting to hear, make sure you get what you need. Take a walk, eat well, be with freinds... You (and I) need to stay healthy and strong to keep up the battle.


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