Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leah's Video: The Taiji 3–A True Story

Leah Lemieux made this video after her recent return from Taiji. It's hard to watch but it reflects why I have to go.

You can read more from Leah on her blog, Rekindling the Waters.


  1. Mike,
    What a beautiful yet very sad video. Please get to the Cove soon, go for all of us that cannot go! Do what ever it takes to stop the slaughter and enslavement of anymore Dolphins. Maybe this will be something of the past soon!! Maybe, just maybe, they will all swim free again!!

  2. Leah did a great job on that video. I arrive a week from today. It's as soon I can get there. I wish I could spend more time.

  3. Poor beautiful angels...I can't even begin to imagine their suffering. There is nothing more heart breaking than the brutal acts of the Taiji murderers!

  4. I remember this video, it is disgusting and the tank is disgusting...many of us contacted PETA and tried to get them do something...but no they would not do anything!