Monday, November 29, 2010


Time is short today but I want to take a minute and share some great blog posts.

Taiji Dolphin Action Group shares a report from Japan that will increase worker safety and decrease pollution associated with the kill. Nothing about ending the kills associated with the kill.

Scott West's take on the Embassy of Japan's First Secretary, Shuya Nakatsuka's letter to ten year old William Dubord who just left the cove.

Carrie Dubord shares her thoughts on her last days at the cove

Martyn Stewart is welcomed to the cove on a barbaric day.

Elora West writes about finding the Nisshin Maru.

The boats are out. Make your calls. Send your emails.

For the souls of the oceans


  1. We wish you the best on your trip Taiji. As much as I look forward to following your blog, I hope you have little to nothing to say while there! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. We all wish we could go as well. We all wish that we could do something different that would stop this insanity once and for all. It's not that we feel smarter or better; we just want to do something out of desperation.

    As a Cove Guardian, you will do what is most difficult. You will show restraint. I can only imagine what it is like to hold one self at bay. I do not envy you, yet I do. You know what is in store, yet you head into Taiji-Hell.

    Nevertheless, I wish I could be there for the dolphins and for the Guardians. We who sit at home and follow your posts and videos feel a certain kinship to you, because we are living your experiences through your words and media. Thank you for doing this, Mike. Whether you plant a seed or move a mountain, I have faith in you.

    For The Dolphins,
    Holise E Cleveland III

    “It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty.” – Dalai Lama