Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Japan Dolphin Day International Protest

Seattle October 14, 2010

This was the day it started for me. Lisa has fought for the whales for years while I played a support role. After attending this rally, I watched The Cove and my journey to witness the atrocities firsthand was underway.

It’s ironic; I think I’m a fairly conventional, logical person. When I go on vacation, I like to have it all laid out, hotels, transportation, meal stops. This is completely not like me. My son said, "this is the craziest thing you’ve ever done." I found dates that United would let me use my miles and booked my flights. I don’t know where I’m staying or how I’m getting to Taiji or any Japanese. All I know is that I have to go.

Scott West from Sea Shepherd has been very helpful filling in some details for me. Louie Psihoyos, the director of The Cove, was kind enough to give me some pointers. Everywhere I turn there’s support and little signs that encourage me. I’m most impressed with Scott’s daughter’s blog. She’s seeing a lot of awful stuff and reporting on it clearly every day.

I hope my presence at the cove will make a difference and help put an end to this senseless slaughter.

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  1. Your presence will surely make a difference, each person who cares can make some difference for the better. Thank you for setting up this blog, since I can't be there with you at least I can follow you from here.