Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's hard being a Cove "Guardian." You watch. That's all. You can't do anything to free the animals or stop the boats. The police are watching your every move. There are as many fisherman recording your actions as there are fishing/dolphining. If you want to go to jail in Japan, by all means come here and do your worst. Otherwise spare me your, "you should do more" crap. Even Paul Watson has said that Sea Shepherd will not break Japanese law. BUT then he writes this in his blog.
"I will not abide by a whale being killed in our presence. Two years ago, the whale that was killed and featured on Whale Wars was slain 12 miles from my ship and filmed from our helicopter. I would without hesitation place my ship in harm’s way to save the life of a whale. We cannot be expected to sit idle while a child is being molested, a woman is being raped or a person is being murdered. What kind of person would simply stand by and hang banners or take pictures while a puppy or a kitten is being stomped or kicked to death? We will not do so in the presence of a clear intent to murder a whale by these despicable poachers from Japan." - Captain Paul Watson, SSCS
Taking pictures is the best the the cove guardians can do when these
atrocities happen. Nicole captured this video of a baby dolphin separated from it's mother and tied to a skiff. To suggest that Nicole or any guardian is sitting idle is doing them a disservice. I still haven't recovered from what I saw and wish there was more that I could do. We came, we saw, we share, we discuss, we look for solutions.

Sitting idle... for the souls of the ocean


  1. "We cannot be expected to sit idle while a child is being molested, a woman is being raped or a person is being murdered"

    We had to do that a lot mate!!

    The law in Japan is a joke... Imagine treating a foreigner in the USA the same way! I heard a police officer telling Steven Thompson "Your wife and child are in danger if you keep this up"

  2. No cove guardian has ever sat idle and done nothing, you have all done more than anyone could ever imagine. While filming the atrocities you have had your hearts broken, your souls shattered and have dealt with an array of emotions that many of us would not even be aware of. For us watching this unfold on face book and the cove guardians updates, we all sit, holding our breath hoping and praying the fisherman come back empty handed. We all hurt when it is a bad day in Taiji and we all wish there was more we could do, but the cove guardians face this head on, day after day. I can only imagine what you all go through and I admire each and every one of you for being there and making this known to the world. Doing what you do is certainly not sitting idle doing nothing. You are showing respect for the country by staying within the law, and as frustrating as this must be for you, it is the right thing to do, for the world and for the dolphins. At the end of each day everyone of those dolphins who lost their lives knew you were there. You all have my admiration and are in my thoughts and heart every day. God bless you all.

    From Mary (from Australia)

  3. very sad!
    as a human being I feel helpless!

    more places in Japan that continues to kill whales and dolphins!

  4. After weeks of mustangs in distress I opened my facebook to the same plight of the dolphins in the Cove. Thank you for x-referencing and the peaceful revolutions that have changed the face of earth in the last couple of weeks, might also empower us to again gather momentum for the Plight of the WILD ONES ON LAND AIR AND WATER...