Sunday, December 12, 2010

back to normal

I’m going back to work tomorrow. Not sure if it’s the time change, jetlag or lingering effects of what I saw, but I’m sleeping a lot during the day. My head is spinning day and night with what to do next and trying to not lose hope for the dolphins. I’m also looking closely at my impact on the planet and how to reduce it.

No dolphins were killed in Taiji today, an empty victory. The killing continues through March and will start again next September. Taiji is just 10 percent of the total dolphin hunt in Japan. While I was in Taiji, I heard that the drive fishery had started up again in Futo. There’s no end in sight. In the short time I was there, we watched the fisherman change how they hide what they do. They are also using a killing technique that severs the spinal cord, making it safer for the fishermen and reducing the amount of blood. Activists need those blood photos and videos to enrage the masses and get them off their asses. The fishermen know this and are limiting our view and the amount of blood. Today, I saw a video of dolphins in a boat heading straight to the butcher house, still moving. I don’t want to think that they are still alive. It’s killing me. We have to stop this.

So, for me, it's back to work, keep calling embassies, write letters, poke around and see what else I can learn. I just watched the Seahawks lose so things are getting back to normal.

For the souls of the oceans

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